I specialize in old Honda ATCs and ATVs but I work on any old 3-and 4-wheelers. Primarily specialize in the 4-stroke models, but I do have some 2-stroke experience. I decided to start doing repair work as a hobby for several reasons, one being I love working on these older machines and seeing them run again. Another is I was tired of a lot of shops taking advantage of people and charging them a ton of money for basic maintenance or even in some cases turning them away because the older machines were simply "not worth their time". I'm here doing this because I enjoy it. I'm not as fast as a shop getting the repairs done, but I can assure you it will be done right the first time and with quality parts. If you have a 3-wheeler or older ATV that needs repairs, restoration or just a tune-up, I can help. But again please remember, This is my hobby. It may take me longer to get the job done than a standard shop, but it will be done right.

I also can do some performance work and will offer discounts if done during engine rebuilds. If your motor needs a rebuild, and your wanting a little more get up and go, then lets see what's available and how much you would like to modify it. Because of the quality of the parts I use you will gain performance and not loose the reliability you have come to enjoy from your older machine. Examples are CNC valve and seat work, performance piston upgrades (better quality than stock and higher compression for more performance), performance cam upgrades and more. Check out the rebuilds page for more details.


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