Basic Maintenance Costs


Basic Labor Rates:

Typically I charge $40 an hour for misc. maintenance (clean machines get a $5 discount). (That's 1 hour of real work not 30 min working and 30 min something else) This typically will include things like welding (yes, I do steel frame repair)  and electrical troubleshooting and YES- WASHING YOUR DIRTY BIKE! :-p . (YES I HATE WORKING ON DIRTY MACHINES, SO BRING IT ALREADY WASHED AND I'll GIVE YA A DISCOUNT ON THE WORK I DO. If it's dirty, I charge $20 to clean it. Dirty means very oily, greasy, muddy, sand pouring out and making a sand castle on my garage floor. (yes all stuff I have dealt with)

Basic engine tune-up: $60 parts and labor (most models)
Includes the following:

Carb Rebuilding and Tuning: $100 (most models)
Includes the following: