First 1984 200s built restored for resale

This is a 1984 200s that I am doing a frame up refresh on. (nearly a restore except not every little piece was redone. about 85% of the bike was redone though)

Asking $775

Rebuilt top end:

Replaced brakes
Replaced all engine seals
Rebuilt carb and tuned to for performance piston
Replaced all bad/stripped bolts. (tapped, drilled and replaced as needed so NO stripped bolt holes!)
Repaired/replaced electrical connectors as needed
Full tune-up
Replaced all tires (front is brand new rears are in newish condition but were sitting for a long time)
Replaced lighting assemblies and bulbs
Replaced front plastics and mudguard
Replaced air filter system (air box, hoses and filter)
Re-lubricated all bearing assemblies of wheels, axels, and steering system
Stripped, treated, primed and painted frame along with several other parts to restore them
All cables were replaced (both brake and throttle)
Rebuilt electrical power and light switch

As I said I did about a 85% restore on the trike. is being setup to run and drive like new. I have about 32 hours of time into it when complete.

Before and some during photos.

This is after I rebuild/replaced the top end and went through the bottom to ensure it was in good shape. But before it got it's final cleaning.

This was the old piston I took out. if you look closely you can see the "gouges" in the side and top and bottom. It trashed the old jug to a non-useable state along with the head and cam. This is what happens when you "pull start" an old trike that is having issues and force it to run.

Restore photos:



Progress has been made on the trike. It's really looking very nice! It's nearly complete. As stated earlier keep in mind this is a 855 restore/rebuild. That means some of the cosmetics stuff may not be addressed like the rear and replacement front fenders will not be perfect. (slight cracks) and the tank will not be smoothed and painted and neither will be fork tree. The reason for this is if I do these things, it will push the price of the bike beyond the price range I targeted for selling price.

Here are photos of the progress. (Pics taken 011709 but posted on 020209)

I have even made more progress than shown in the photos, but I have not taken any new photos yet. I'll take some new photos once I actually Start the motor (In the next 2 days).



As promised I got it running and took some photos. I have about 4 hours of work to finish it up, but she's running awesome!


The Front fender is going to be replaced with one in a bit better shape.

These photos do NOT do the trike justice, it looks WAY better in real life. not sure why it came out looking like it did, but it's much nicer in real life. The Trike will be going up for sale starting this weekend when it is fully complete. The tank has a couple of dents that not very big and I was told could be mostly repaired. The rear fenders have some cracks due to fatigue and aging. The seat as 1 small work spot but is original and in excellent shape. the front fender that will be replacing the current one has a crack on 1 side. I basically did all the hard work to this trike. the only things left were minor cosmetic stuff.

If you are interested in purchasing this Trike, you can contact me directly.