1985 Honda 200x


I helped a guy restore his Honda 200x atc. Originally the bike had wheel bearing, tuning, carb, and sprocket/chain issues. It made some top end rattles as well. After repainting those pieces the top end noise was look at and addressed. basically what was wrong was the timing chain was worn along with the timing chain guide and timing chain tensioner. At that point since we were already going to be into the bike it was decided to just do a total top end redo. After some accidental issues with the machine shop I opted top upgrade him for free to a 12:1 Wiseco piston and performance cam setup. new valves were installed free of charge as well. My goal is to always make my clients happy and ensure the bikes are solid and stable. The end result is an extremely well running bike with tons of torque and lots of power. Response of the engine when you blip the throttle is extremely fast!
When an engine is worked on and rebuilt, it is completely cleaned, assembled and repainted like the factory had it. I have always believed that a clean engine is a good running engine. It's also much easier to see where problems are when it's clean as far as leaks. All oil seals were also replaced in the engine as well.


Top End rebuild:

This setup must always run premium 93+ octane fuel. it's capable of supporting racing fuel if desired.

Below you will see some photos of the bike in various stages.Some of the photos are cell phone photos so please excuse the quality of the image.

Bottom end waiting for cleaning and new top end installation

New o-ring chain and sprocket assembly listed below. Notice the cleaned and restored rear swinger? It was also painted back to Honda OEM specs after cleaning.

Photo showing engine area. This was completely covered in baked on oil and grease and dirt. I scrubbed it clean and used some special cleaning solvents to clean the paint and metal w/o harming them.

It was later repainted original matching color to restore back to new looks.