Stock 70cc-200cc Top End  Rebuild


Basic top end rebuild: $455 parts and labor





Performance Top End Rebuild Packages for the 70/185/200cc motors

 (Stock hp for a 185cc is 10.5hp and the 200cc is 11.5)

*Note: These packages take the 185cc up to a 200cc stock size bore


Performance rebuild #1: $675 parts and labor

(185cc-200cc only) (185=14hp 200s/e/m=14.5hp 200x=15hp)



Performance Rebuild #2: $889 parts and labor

(185cc-200cc only) (185=15.5hp 200s/e/m=15.5-16hp 200x=17hp)




Performance Rebuild #3: $1295 parts and labor

(185cc-200cc only) (185=17.5hp 200s/e/m=18.5-19hp 200x=19-19.5hp)


Just so you know, I make anywhere from $150 -$200 for doing the labor on these rebuilds. The rest of the costs are the actual price for parts. So you can see Iím vey reasonable on my pricing.


3 things to note:

1. You will be required to run Premium Unleaded Fuel only in your Trike once you do a performance upgrade. 91+ octane is requires and NO the octane booster will not work as it will actually cause issues.

2. On package #3 you need to look at purchasing a performance exhaust system with this package (stock will hurt performance greatly). There are so many available that I decided it best to let the client decide what they want. Just make sure it's for a 200cc Trike not the 185 (even if you had a 185, remember it is now a 200cc motor).

3. The HP ratings listed above are general estimates of the average performance gains by each package. Some may see more some may barley reach those numbers, but it's a pretty good ballpark estimate.


Also please note, the more work you have done, the better discounts I can provide. I'm willing to discount labor as you have more work done.