Additional Information

Our CDI upgrades were designed from the ground up using modern technology. They include a higher capacity capacitor system for more powerful charge sent to the coil. These are full digital systems with 12-14 maps (mapped points), where stock is only 4 and analogue. Below are some listings for the system enhancements. 

  •    Easier Starting
  •    Better Throttle Response
  •    Rev Limiter Removed
  •    Better Power band
  •    .25-.5 HP overall Power gain
  •    Larger with alloy housing for better cooling of electronics inside
  •    NEW Complete replacement for stock units
  •    Redesigned with modern technology in mind


Models Available Now:

ATC350X (85/86)

ATC200Xg2 (86/87)

Limited quantity till Manufacturer completes production

ATC250ES/SX (85-88) (+$25 for special adapter)

In work (built but being tested):

ATC200Xg1 plug adapter (+$25 for special adapter)

Starting Development:

ATC/ATV250R (86-89)